Sunday, May 4, 2014

Colorist Appreciation Week Roundup

As much as I love comics and always will, there's still some kinks to work out in how creator royalties are handled as well as credits in regards to colorists. This past week my response was to shine the spotlight on some of the industry's top colorists and what makes their contributions such an essential ingredient to the overall package.

I learned a lot from researching each colorists' body of work and I hope you'll learn something too and come to appreciate them and their peers even more next time you read a comic (unless it's The Walking Dead, in which case, never mind).

DAVE STEWART (DC: The New Frontier, Hellboy)

JORDIE BELLAIRE (Deadpool, The Rocketeer)

DEAN WHITE (The Avengers, Uncanny X-Force)

CHANDRAN PONNUSAMY (Cryozone, Steam Engines of Oz)

ALEX SINCLAIR (Batman, Astro City)

Let me know what you think of my choices and leave a comment or tweet at me @scott_duvall

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